Why are your cakes so expensive?
Our cakes are made with high-quality natural ingredients that are expensive themselves. The basic ingredients are nuts (almonds, macadamia, cashew, walnuts etc.) and healthy vegan oils (coconut, cocoa). As much as we can, we use try to use locally-sourced/organic, which also contributes to raising the price. We do not use sugar, flour or eggs, which would come cheap but compromise on our vision regarding health. The good news is that, because our products are so nutritious, they are also intensely satisfying, meaning that usually you would not require a second serving. So much so, that many of our clients use our cakes to replace a meal.
Why do you use honey as a sweetener in some of your cakes?
Because of the health features/price ratio. We truly believe in the therapeutic properties of organic, ethical honey and it also gives us the possibility to keep the price of our cakes in check. We also use stevia in some of our cakes, but for some recipes it would make our prices go through the roof.
Why are your cakes frozen?
Because freezing is how we make them in the first place. We mix fresh and dried fruit, nuts and seeds, healthy vegan butters and milks in high-power blenders and then pour this mixture into cake tins. We put the tins in large freezers and freeze the cakes until they are set. From our freezers, our cakes go directly to you. This process actually preserves all vitamins, enzymes, minerals and nutrients and makes our cakes such wonderful healthy treats.
How long do your cakes keep and how to thaw them?
We deliver all our cakes frozen. Our frozen cakes can be kept in the freezer for a maximum of two months from the moment of production and should be eaten within this timeframe. Once thawed, they cannot be frozen again and should be eaten within two-three days. Our preferred defrosting method is gradual, in the fridge, but room temperature also works. In the fridge: slices will defrost in 2-3 hours; cakes will defrost in 3-5 hours, depending on size and fridge temperature. Please keep that in mind when placing an order. Please check the back of your box for the best before date.
Are your cakes low calorie?
They are not. We use a wide range of nuts and healthy fat (coconut and cocoa butters) as well as dried fruit as main ingredients. Although very healthy and satiating, they are not low calorie and we do not recommend indulging on large quantities of our cakes if you are following a weight loss diet. On an average, our cakes have approximately 400 calories/100 grams.
Do you do custom orders?
Unfortunately no. Our laboratory is currently unable to process any type of custom orders. This means that we are unable to change our recipes or eliminate any of the ingredients used to make our selection of cakes. We are also unable to change the decor of the cakes. However, we can accompany your cake, upon request, with special messages or candles.
Do you deliver on week-ends/same day?
Yes, but subject to our availability. Please note that, since all our cakes our frozen, we can deliver your order during the weekdays and you can keep it in the freezer until the day you want to eat it (or one day before, and thaw during the night in the refrigerator). If you want to have your cake(s) delivered on the same day, please call before placing your order to confirm that we have an available slot. Please also note that cake thawing time varies depending on size and method.
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